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New Hark Texas Pro Pit -HK0527, American Style Offset smoker

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This is the big daddy of offset smokers. Heavy-duty steel construction with extra large cooking capacity.

The Hark Texas Pro-Pit Offset Smoker is fuelled by charcoal or wood and gives you two different cooking options - grilling or smoking. After using the Texas Pro-Pit, you’ll never want to cook with gas again. The NEW Hark Texas Pro Pit Offset Smoker has the additional features:  Gasket around the main chamber doors, a Bottle opener, extra damper in firebox for extra air control and a fat bucket




The Texas Pro-Pit can reach impressive temperatures, perfect for searing steaks and burgers over  charcoal or wood. For extra grilling capacity, the cooking chamber and firebox can be used at the same time.

Simply remove the baffles (tuning plates) prior to grilling and ensure you build a clean, hot charcoal or wood fire before placing meat on the grill.


Fancy brisket, pulled pork or ribs? Become a certified BBQ Pitmaster in your own backyard.

To cook low and slow on the Texas Pro-Pit, heat and smoke from the firebox flows into the cooking chamber to cook your food indirectly. To regulate heat and smoke, simply adjust the air damper and baffles as required.