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Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop

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The definitive cleaner for your home. Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner makes lighter work of all your vacuuming and cleaning duties in one awesome machine. With both dry vacuuming and wet mopping capability, the cleaner is extremely competent in getting rid of dirt and dust as well as spills. Its cleaning functions comprised of auto cleaning, edge cleaning, spot cleaning and dust sweeping; working its way around obstacles to clean even under chairs and sofas with ease. It can detect stairs to avoid falling off and can climb over thresholds to move from room to room. The cleaner features a timer setting so that you can schedule cleaning on a regular set-time throughout the week. And while it cleans, suction power levels are automatically adjusted to suit your cleaning conditions. The included remote control and a downloadable mobile app can be used for easy settings and the cleaner is programmed to return to its base once cleaning is done. At the base, it self-charges in readiness for the next scheduled cleaning. With its sleek design, the ultra-thin robot vacuum cleaner should form an integral part of your cleaning arsenal.

* Simultaneous localisation and Mapping (SLAM)
* Strong suction – up to 2500Pa
* Touchpad control panel
* APP remote control
* Remote control included
* Cliff sensor
* Obstacle sensors
* Automatic suction power adjustment
* Auto-cleaning
* Spot cleaning
* Edge cleaning
* Scheduled cleaning with timer setting
* Dust vacuuming
* Wet mopping
* Self-charging base with return to base function
* Built-in rechargeable battery
* 90min working time
* Anti-winding V-shaped floating roller brush
* Smart water effusion
* Washable microfibre mop pad
* HEPA filter included
* Low noise

* Type: Robot vacuum cleaner
* Function: Vacuum and mop
* Rated power: 25W
* Battery: 2000mAh Li-ion
* Suction: Up to 2500Pa
* Dustbin capacity: 600ml
* Water tank capacity: 360ml
* Working time: Up to 90min per full charge
* Control: APP
* APP: WeBack
* Overall dimensions: 33cm x 33cm x 7.5cm
* Noise level: <50db
/ Colour: Black

Package Contents
1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Charging Dock
1 x Adaptor
1 x Water Tank
1 x Dustbin
4 x Side Brushes
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Mop
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual