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Giantz 7 Drawer Tool Chest and Trolley Box - Black

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par Giantz

Made from powder-coated metal, the Giantz 7-drawer Tool Trolley is built to keep your precious tools in their proper place with drawers that are specifically designed to cater to various tool sizes. From top to bottom, each drawer slides in and out effortlessly on quality ball bearings incorporated into the metal drawer runners. Every drawer is also lined to protect your tools and keep them from moving about. The top of the trolley also features an impact-absorbent gripped surface for use with frequently-handled tools. Plus, the drawers are installed with upgraded cam locks that are better and easier to use. The trolley is installed with omnidirectional caster wheels (two with brakes) for easy all-around mobility and fast standing. Not least, the trolley features a robust handle that provides full grip and smooth handling.

* Thick high tensile powder-coated steel
* 7 drawers
* Smooth ball bearing slide
* Premium cam locks with keys
* Double-door cabinet
* 4 casters (with 2 Lockable)
* Sturdy handle
* Top Impact-absorbent gripped surface
* Non-slip liners
* Complies with CE certificate

* Brand: Giantz
* Toy layer: Gripped EVA pad
* Box material: Powder-coated steel
* Castor: 4 (with 2 lockable)
* Product weight: 19.5 kg
* Drawers size: 54cm x 27cm x 7cm
* Small Drawers (2): 53.5cm x 27.5cm x 5cm
* Large Drawers( 5): 53.5cm x 27.5cm x 8cm

Package Content
1 x Giantz Tool Trolley