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Giantz 1.64x0.89M Garden Shed

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par Giantz

Constructed of strengthened galvanized steel and polypropylene, the Metal Garden Shed is inherently strong, corrosion-resistant and weatherproof. You can even add your own wooden floor if you so desire.

With little to no maintenance needed, the Giantz Metal Garden Shed is your best choice for durability and reliability.

* Galvanized steel and polypropylene (PP) construction
* Sloped roof
* Maintenance-free
* Corrosion-resistant
* Easy assembly

* Colour: Grey
* Material: Galvanized steel, 0.25mm color board, 0.6mm zinc steel frame
* Size with roof: 164x 89 x 181 cm (W x D x H)
* Slide door size: 61 x 153 cm (W x H)
* Ground surface area: 153 x 77 cm (L x W)

Package Contents
1 x Garden sheds
1 x Manual