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Devanti 70L Retro Bar Fridge

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par Devanti

Add a pop of bold colour and style to your kitchen with our Devanti Retro Bar Fridge. It has all the common retro bar fridge features such as the vibrant colour, sinuous lines and silver lever handle, but at a fraction of the price of high-end brand models. More importantly, the bar fridge does not just look pretty, it's good at doing fridge things too. It is great for keeping a variety of food and beverages chilled and cooled without taking up too much space. Designed with five temperature settings, the energy-efficient bar fridge lets you set your desired coolness and freshness. Other great features include adjustable shelves, height-adjustable feet, consistent refrigeration and PVC sealing to name a few. The compact bar fridge is also totally eco-friendly with its R600a freon-free refrigerant and well-made for robust use, such as the pressure-injected foam insulation and built-in LED lamp to ensure the operation is smooth, quiet and hassle-free. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, our retro bar fridge is a cool investment time and again.

* Compact design
* Five temperature settings
* Built-in LED lamp
* Adjustable shelves
* Pressure-injected foam insulation
* Retro lever handle
* Height-adjustable feet
* Energy saving

* Brand: Devanti
* Capacity: 70L
* Power: 85W
* Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz
* Fridge temperature range: 0°C-12°C
* Energy star rating: 1 Star
* Refrigerant: R600a
* Temperature control: Mechanical
* Colour: Red

Package Contents
1 x Devanti Retro Bar Fridge
1 x User Manual