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Devanti Commercial Electric Deep Fryer

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par Devanti

Practical, reliable and durable. That essentially sums up our Devanti Commercial Deep Fryer. Our food-grade stainless steel countertop twin deep fryer is versatile and safe to use in every way. With its S-shaped heating element, the deep fryer has fast heat-up and recovery times, and even heat distribution to keep up with a busy kitchen. It comes with independent switches for each frying compartment so that you can cook at different temperatures simultaneously with no mixing of flavours. The stainless steel lid covers help to prevent splashing oil as well as keeping impurities out. The handles are also made heat-resistant for safety while the basket hangers make it convenient to cool down food or drain excess oil from the frying baskets. Cleaning and maintenance of the deep fryer are also made hassle-free with oil drain taps to discard used oil and a 900 tilting head for easy accessibility to the whole fryer. Other safety features include oil level indicators, a temperature probe to monitor overheating, an overload circuit breaker, non-slip rubber feet and an SAA-certified 15A plug.

* Food-grade stainless steel construction
* Even heat distribution
* S-shaped heating element
* Drainage taps
* Large capacity
* Removable lid
* Two baskets hangers (with heat-proof handles)
* Power-saving auto thermostat
* Non-slip rubber feet
* Stainless steel lid covers
* Min/Max oil level indicators
* Easy operation
* Overheating protection
* 15A SAA-certified plug
* Please turn on the temperature control knob and timer knob before frying food

* Brand: Devanti
* Power: 3000W x 2
* Voltage: 240V/50Hz
* (15A SAA approved plug)
* Tank capacity: 10L x 2
* Oil fill capacity: 8L x 2
* Temperature range: 50-200C
* Plug: 2 x 15amp AU plug
* Dimensions: 62cm* 57cm* 34cm
* Colour: Silver

Package Contents
1 x Commercial Deep Fryer
2 x Fryer Baskets
2 x Stainless Steel Lids with Plastic Handles
1 x User Manual