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Devanti 10kg Top Loader Washing Machine

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par Devanti

With up to 10kg of washing capacity, our Devanti Top Load Washing Machine certainly makes light work of your washing. With multiple programs to suit your washing requirements, the washing machine also has up to six washing motions based on handwashing techniques. Choose your desired programs with the easy-to-use digital control panel. To save on energy bills, you can also delay start up to 24 hours to do your washing during off-peak hours. Plus, the washing machine features an inverse twin rotation wash cycle for doubly cleaned and thorough washing. The wide glass lid helps you to monitor your washing without having to open the lid, while the stainless steel tub is more effective in controlling bacteria growth. The large opening facilitates easy loading and unloading, and a child lock feature prevents accidental tampering.

* 10kg washing capacity per load
* Multiple washing programs
* Eight water levels
* Hot or cold wash
* Digital control panel
* 24-hour delayed start
* Lint filter
* Child lock function
* Wide glass lid
* Low noise

* Brand: Devanti
* Power: 600W
* Voltage: 240V/50Hz
* Rated washing capacity: 10kg
* Water star rating: 3 stars
* Energy star rating: 2 stars
* Water consumption: 136 litres per wash
* Delay start: 24 hours
* Water inlets: Hot and colds
* Inlet hose length: 1.5m
* Drain hose length: 1.4m
* Power cord length: 1.63m
* Drum: Stainless steel
* Dimensions: 60.5cm x 63cm x 100cm
* Weight: 45.5kg
* Plug: Australian standard
* Colour: White

Package Contents
1 x Devanti 10kg Top Load Washing Machine
1 x Inlet Hose
1 x Drain Hose
1 x User Manual